Test online di inglese

Il test online è un utile strumento di valutazione del livello di competenza linguistica.

Oltre a soddisfare una legittima curiosità, ha il fine di indirizzare al corso di livello più idoneo. È opportuno che il Test online sia fatto in autonomia: selezionare i testi che completano correttamente le frasi, e al termine verrà comunicato il risultato.

Livello A1

1. How old is he?
2. Are you Italian?
3. He
two children.
sofa in the living room.
5. Can you
6. Maria lives there.
house is very big and has a garden.
7. I usually
work at 9.00.
8. What does he do?
9. They
10. "John, this is
. " Nice to meet you."

* Campi obbligatori

Livello A2

1. How many languages
2. “I can’t find my pencil. Can I use
? “Yes, of course, you can.
3. "
dinner with me?” “Yes, of course.”
4. “Where
?” “To bed. I’m tired.”
5. Where
your wife born?
6. Athens is
7. “Does she like playing cards?” “
8. He can’t meet with you right now.
with another client at this moment.
9. They
to the seaside last August.
10. “Wow! You look tired this morning. What
last night?”

Livello B1

1. We
to Paris last year with Air France.
2. You won’t forget to post it,
3. “Is there more coffee in the cupboard?” “No, shall I buy
4. They
happily married since 2003.
5. My boss entered the room while I
on Facebook.
6. "
?” “20 people did.”
7. What
this weekend?
8. There is plenty of time. You
finish all that work today.
9. My father’s birthday is coming up. What
give him?
10. If it
tomorrow, we will have to cancel the picnic.

1. My best friend didn’t pass the biology test, and
2. The policeman asked me if I
any strangers in the street.
3. If that jacket
4. A: This suitcase is heavy. B: OK, I
5. A:
6. Could you tell me when
7. You can’t live in a hot country without
a lot.
8. Peter lives in New York and Sally lives in Paris. They often email
9. A: You are all dirty. B: Yes, I know.
in the garden.
10. It was
nice day that we decided to drive to the lake.

Livello C1

1. While the detective was taking pictures of the crime, the thief remained unaware that he
is coming for the weekend. They will have a great time showing him around the city!
3. Two weeks ago I stopped
foods containing lots of fat and I have already lost 3 pounds.
4. If you had just asked for directions, we
on the way to the party.
5. It was absolute madness to drive like that. You
killed someone.
6. At this time next week, I
on the beach in Cuba. I can’t wait!!!
7. I wish you
me. We could be so happy together.
8. He suggests
La dolce vita.
9. When I first started this job, I had to
with a new group of people.
10. “What is the plumber doing in your bathroom?” “We

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